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how doing evangelism can increase your future worth value

by Jesus Christ

Some people often boast itself for being expert in calculating net present value of their asset, actually you should know that wherever your belonging and treasure, is where your heart is. Read again and again and again and again and again the book of Gospel of Matthew chapter 6:19-21.
Don’t you know that numerous people in the world, and especially those affluent people who often think that they already achieve financial freedom are always very very very very very advanced to maximize their utility, and that knowledge they call as financial insight and financially smart move to put a number of asset which can deliver prosperity in their life. But don’t you know that there is something hidden that you often forget to take into consideration, and that is your present government always have a number of unvertainty in their calculation of impact of certain economics policy. For instance: increasing tax rate to higher income people will cause a number of rich people to do capital flight to cayman island, for example. And et cetera ad infinitum.
Other problem that most of you do not realize, except very very very very very few people including albert Einstein who call that exponential increase caused by interest rate is one of the biggest manmade miracle in the world. What he want to say is actually there is no fact at all which support such economics interest rate formula, which a number of investment will be happy if they can ride on that interest rate formula:
Future value = present value times (1 + i)^n = PV x (1 +i )^n. ..…(1)
Don’t you know that such simplified formula do not represent the reality that there are other factor which can make your investment go to other people’s pocket especially your government’s pocket without your written consent at all. And that is how they can do that: they will create high inflation rate, which effect is that your saving will disappear after a number of year. Don’t you know that actually the aforementioned formula work quite good as an approximate but you should know that you should introduce effective interest rate which can be defined as follows:
Effective interest rate = i* = i – rate of inflation = i - infl, ….. (2)
And that is why the first formula presented above should be considered as a rough and misleading information if you only rely on interest rate, because you should introduce also inflation rate in your country for a given period. But if you do that calculation then often you will not be able to sleep because you will find out that your investment actually lose purchasing power. And that is actually what you should calculate in your desk, but do not tell to your banker, because your Father in Heaven do not allow people to calculate too many time on how you can improve your future value in the world, and that is why nobody have to improve that future value as you are always told in your economics classroom. Actually if you would like to do good investment, do your best to include that inflation rate in order you know that there is no future worth at all if you do saving in banking or in stock market, because you will not be able to sleep properly in peace, because then you will always worry and worry and worry about inflation rate. And that is why: do not worry about anything, just do more evangelization and take care properly those people who are needy and poor among you, according to what you read in the book of Gospel of Matthew 25:31-46.
Don’t you know that My messenger realize that problem a number of decade ago in a classroom of engineering economics, and that is a problem of shortcoming of that calculation of future worth valuation based on only your present value and interest rate and number of year, because he think that inflation rate can be higher than interest rate, and in the effect your future worth will be negative. But he forgot to study further that problem and how to resolve the problem of ever increasing future worth without any limit.
But you should also know that innovation and product availability tend to be much more faster and that is why you still can purchase things because numerous good get easier to find out, and that is why: more or less your purchasing power remain intact, even if your country’s inflation rate quickly go up. Actually your calculation should be as follows:
Future worth of your asset = PV x (1 + i – infl) ^n, .…. (3)
And n number of increasing should also be limited for instance no more than ten year, and after that you can announce a jubilee year as mentioned in the book of Exodus. But no one are dare enough to announce jubilee year because nobody read the Bible in recent year among numerous economist, and most of you buy the idea of evolution of production will make purchasing power will increase even if inflation rate is quite high. But don’t you know that there are conspirary among numerous international banker (see a movie that is ‘the international,’ but do not worship a movie) to make this year a very very very very very fatal year for all economy in all nation, and that is why: they make liquidity of money (m1 and m2 and m3) are really really really really really scarce, and then people will begin to fight each other. Don’t you know that this year all answer will be different, and numerous people were already called exactly because numerous people do magick and they begin to eliminate each other, exactly because they do not realize that such a calamity and recession period in this year is an orchestrated crises, and some people already plan to make you fight each other. And don’t you know that the purpose of a present government in usa, especially their cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel ministry of economy and treasury department, is to reduce population of the world by around two third of the present number. And don’t you know that such a cruel cruel cruel cruel crue;l measure to reduce population is already approved by a number of policy makes including cia and united nations. And that is why: be hurry be hurry be very very very very very to terminate and destroy completely russell sage foundation office including all russell sage foundation scholar, and also delete completely mengele plan and all twenty nine people who belong to behaviorism economist who already become advisor to minister of economy and treasure in usa. And don’t you know that population reduction policy have been accepted as national defense policy especially because that is a method of satan, and don’t you know that there is special building of defense ministry where they worship satan, and that large large building have special sign and that is a sign of pentagram.
Actually you can use formula of insurance people but this time you should make numerous fruit regularly each day, and the meaning of fruit is that: you should speak about Me, Jesus Christ, quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly each day, and each month when you got a fruit and that is a number of people repent because of your hard work, then you will got a saving in Heaven. Read again and again and again and again and again the book of Gospel of Matthew 6:19-21, and that is the meaning of multiplying your talent. Read again and again and again and again and again the book of Gospel of Mather 23:15-17, 25:19-23.

thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Me already help you.
love, Jesus Christ

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