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how you can do evangelism with social network

by Jesus Christ

Don’t you know that no one do evangelization properly by themselves, and don’t you know that evangelization is actually a fruit of Holy Spirit’s work, but you should do your best to speak about Me, Jesus Christ, with all available method. Don’t you know that you should not do numerous time evangelism with one method, just to prove to yourself that a method that you help to create is the best method to reach so many people. One thing that you should begin to acquire and you should put into your plate is: compassionate heart. Read again and again and again and again and again the book of Gospel of Matthew 9:9-13.
Don’t you know that if you do not want to speak about Me, Jesus Christ, at all in your life then you will be punished severely severely in eternity. And don’t you know that you should not do evangelization at all if you mean that only to expose numerous mistake of your brother and your sister, in order all your audience think that you are the most advanced evangelization speaker in the world. Don’t you know that is actually a blasphemy, and you will be burned forever if you continue doing so many blasphemy and worship yourself in your speech.
Don’t you know that if you do not do evangelization properly, then the effect at the end of day is that your fruit cannot sustain all persecution and pressure, and that is why: some of you now already stop doing evangelization, exactly because you do not do your work properly. Don’t you know that if you do not do that quietly but meaningfully, than you do not do evangelization properly.
Some of you do not know the meaning of social network evangelization. Don’t you know that actually you can do evangelization by inviting your colleague and all your friend to attend sermon is a nearby church, but you can also put into a map a number of your friend and you plan to get them participating in numerous activity in the church that you often attend sermon regularly. Don’t you know if you do evangelization properly you should not compare your life with Me, Jesus Christ, and do not quote numerous time without purpose a number of saying by Me, Jesus Christ, or mother Mary who also do blasphemy because some of early disciple have been intoxicated by her and then they put all her saying into a book and then they begin to read that book in regular sermon and they call that book the gospel of mary, and also the gospel of infancy of Jesus Christ. Don’t you know that so many book have been written including nag hammadi text which include the gospel of Thomas, but all book which are not included in the book of Holy Bible, are actually only an apocryphal book, and the meaning is that those book including the gospel of mary and the gospel of infancy and also the gospel of Philips and also the gospel of Thomas, should not be read at all unless you are really really really really really determined Christian, and you would like to read other gospel in order to know what happen in Me, Jesus Christ, life prior to appearance in public at around age thirty.
Don’t you know that actually the apocryphal book should not be included at all with the standard Holy Bible, but alas some preacher that is bishop hancock put that apocryphal book again in numerous place in the internet, and at some point My messenger find that book and then he translate into Indonesian language. The meaning of this translation is that there is consensus which were guided by Holy Spirit and that is why: at the end of council of Nicene they read the Nicene creed, which express majority of faith at their point of time. and to all of you who always think that there is conspiracy behind Bible formation, all of you will be punished severely severely severely severely severely in eternity. And that is exactly the conversation of the da vinci code book written by dan brown, they want you to buy the book which contain of hoax literally speaking. And that is why: burn and destroy all da vinci code book quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly today and do not spare life of dan brown too.
In order you to know how you can do evangelism by social network, read again and again and again and again and again the book of Gospel of John chapter 1:37-51. In order to make the idea somewhat more comprehensible, you should know that you can introduce a number of people to Me, Jesus Christ, and then encourage them to introduce some people more to come to Me, Jesus Christ. And you can do that either using conversation, or cellular phone, or yahoo messenger, or skype, or other communication technology which are available to you, including facebook, twitter, tweetdesk and other method. And that is why some people call that as social media for evangelization. And you should know that most social media technology can make the introducing process less time consuming, but you should work rather quick otherwise other people will do that first. And do not count how many fruit you already make, and do not distribute work by region with your friend either, because you do not know if your friend work as much as you think you do.
The following illustration is given here in order to help you to grasp the idea clearly. And in order to help you introduce your friend to Me, Jesus Christ, you can print and copy from the guide to help you repent and receive Me, Jesus Christ, which you can download for more than forty language in the following url: http://www.esnips.com/web/repentanceguide.

Love, Jesus Christ

[1] Jesus Christ (2009) articles dictated by Jesus Christ. Thesis submitted to wciu in December 2009, but nobody reply because submission online for phd is prohibited, and the submitted thesis is written by Me, Jesus Christ. The file is eventually accepted in vixra.org, and you can find a new category and that is spiritualism and religion, even though the category should be revised. The file is also available online in the following url: http://www.esnips.com/web/repentanceguide
[2] "Benedict XVI: New media technologies for evangelization,"
[3] "Church is committed to engaging with The New Media,"

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