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how you can recover potemkin economy

by Jesus Christ

Don’t you know an old Russian story about a pair of young Russian woman and another young Russian man who love each other and then they find themselves very very very very very poor but they do not give up with that condition and then they do something wonderful for Christian gift. One of them sell off her long and beauty hair to buy a gift and that is a wonderful accessory for a watch, and the other sell of his watch to buy a pair of jewelry exactly for that hair that he know one of the most wonderful hair. And by the time of Christmas eve then that poor pair of young Russian family find themselves in an even more complicated situation because the watch have been sold and so were the hair have been sold to buy accessory for watch which have been sold to buy jewelry for that hair.
Don’t you know that the story is not about being romantic which most Russian young people already know, but actually that story is about being communicative about what you are doing. And in modern version you will find that the same problem plague the entire nation, and that is a much more complicated situation, where so many talented mathematician and scientist in Russia cannot find a good job for them exactly because they only do what they want to do and they never figure out a good way to work because they never learn how to work properly, except to solve a number of mathematical problem which have no direct implementation, because their professor also never communicate with the industrial sector who also find themselves cannot solve so many Russian problem, and that is that they never produce something wonderful including vehicle or motorbike, exactly because they are too proud to be a young and clever scientist, and they boast themselves to be even more clever than those similar scientist in the same field in Germany or Scandinavia or Finland. The problem is that those are young people who only have one talent and that is only logic and they spoil and bury their talent exactly because they always think that they always see, and that is why they always remain blind.
There is no quick solution for so many arrogant Russian young and old fellow science people in the entire nation who fall into potemkin economy, and actually that is something even more dangerous situation is that some stupid government including boris yeltsin invite a number of mafia crook from Harvard including Andrei shleifer and its gangster group who borrow so much mammon in order to lend those mammon as if that is the answer, and after sometime they do not find a way to return back that mammon and then they escape from Harvard.(a) The problem with that mammon is that they do not go to the good government and they only help another group of gangster to solidify their position in Russia. And then they call that their masterpiece to build so many new building as if that is the solution for Russian economy problem. Read again a good new book by Paul Krugman: the return of depression economics (w.w. norton & company, new York, 2009), especially page 132-133.
Don’t you know that the answer is actually quite clear, and that is something you can find in the Bible and that is: read again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again the book of Psalm chapter 1. And the solution is, ladies and gentlemen in the entire Russia, remove all the crook and gangster from the government and do not close your eye that they do not do anything good in their life, and then find out where is the gangster and cliché of andrei shleifer in Russia and then shoot them straight right now without further delay,(a) including shoot all gangster in your government, and then all of you should return back a number of good economist and remove all gangster politician from the government. But first of all all of you should repent and receive Me, Jesus Christ, and this time find a reason for your science, and do not do scientology anymore and do not do magic anymore. Don’t you know that if you only want to be clever and then you sell off whatever you have including your faith to mepistopheles and then you will spoil all your life, exactly because there is no purpose at all of your life. And then never succumb to darkness power anymore, and never succumb to those gangster family who call themselves descendant of Russian royal family, actually they only want all of you Russian people to die just what they do more or less a hundred year ago. And you should not follow any psychiatrist or behaviorism economist anymore as your economy policy.[1]
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Me already help you.
Love, Jesus Christ

[1] Jesus Christ (2010) how social darwinism ruin America and the world. Thesis submitted
to asian theology seminary in the Philippines, but the thesis is not approved because they
are very very very very very surprised that the thesis is written and dictated by Jesus
Christ. In order you can read that thesis, you can download the file online in

follow Jesus Christ only at http://www.twitter.com/guidetorepent

(a) See report by Lyndon LaRouche, executive intelligence review vol. 36 no.15, april 2009. url: http://www.larouchepub.com/eiw/public/2009/2009_10-19/2009_10-19/2009-15/pdf/48-54_3615.pdf

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