Senin, 12 April 2010

why you should not rely on human wisdom to do evangelism

by Jesus Christ

Some of you think that to be a good evangelist you should know some basic principles of teaching including some knowledge in public speech and also some wisdom of philosophy, in order you can argue and debate properly wherever necessary.
Don’t you know that if you follow that logic, then you will end up to spend numerous year to furnish your logical power or your wisdom, and after a while you only focus to find only human teaching and human wisdom.
Don’t you know that Paul the apostle himself do not rely on his speech knowledge or his human wisdom in his teaching and evangelization to gentile people, who actually are already quite advanced in the teaching of philo and other numerous human teaching that they call philosophy.
And that is why: to all of you who rely solely on your intellectual power in order you can speak about Me, Jesus Christ, all of you should repent and receive Me, Jesus Christ, and then stop to speak based on your knowledge or based on human teaching or from so many wisdom and sophism book that you swallow, and you should speak only what Holy Spirit guide you to speak.
Talk only what Me order you to talk, because you never know the effect of what you say to different people. Read again and again and again and again and again the book of first epistle of Corinthians 2:1-7.
Love, Jesus Christ

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