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why you should not attend and participate in heathen or prosperity theology ritual

by Jesus Christ

Some people think that there is no difference between attending sermon in regular church and attending prosperity theology(a) church ritual in supermall and other large building which sometime you often call as wedding hall.
Don’t you know that if you attend ritual in a wedding hall then the meaning is that your attitude is you would like to make a wedding and that is why: you attend that ritual in order you are given ceremonial wedding when the time is prepared for you.
Don’t you know that that is how prosperity theology preacher gain reputation: they often make a wedding party and then they invite a number of pair in order they can be given blessing in their ritual.(a) Don’t you know that make your own wedding in a ritual or sermon is a tradition of satanic organization, and that is why: all people who were given sermon or ritual in wedding party in a wedding hall and the sermon is led by a prosperity theology preacher, then the meaning is that they actually worship mammon only, because actually there is no sermon at all, only satanic ritual each Sunday and also other day in a week.
That is why: you should not interpret a reading passage in the book of Gospel of Matthew 22:1-14, as if that is the meaning: that you should also make your own large wedding party and then you invite so many people including people in the street and then they should dress properly, otherwise you are entitled to throw them away from your party. Don’t you know that if you do wedding party yourself, then you actually do blasphemy because you do that wedding according to a passage in the Gospel of Matthew 22:1-14, which actually that passage or chapter are intended for Me, Jesus Christ. And don’t you know that even if you read another passage and that is the story of miracle of water turned to become another alcoholic drink, that do not mean that you should prepare alcoholic drink in a wedding party, even if you read that passage in the Bible.
Don’t you know that all of you who only want to maximize your own utility(b) in order you get so many mammon and then you can arrange wedding, the meaning is that you only want to worship satan only. don’t you know that doing that kind of wedding numerous time, is actually what happen before My Father became so upset, and then He send all people in the world so many rain which you call as big deluge around a number of thousand year ago. Read again and again and again and again and again the book of Genesis 6:1-3. And that is why: do not do wedding too large a party, and do not spend so many mammon for your wedding, but do your best to do God’s Will in your life. Read again and again and again and again and again the book of Gospel of Matthew 25:31-46.

That is the article for you today, love, Jesus Christ

Note: this article is written and dictated by Me, Jesus Christ. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, do not worry about anything, only fear of God, and then separate yourself from numerous prosperity theology preacher among you, and throw them into the bottom of the sea quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly today. read again and again and again and again and again the book of Gospel of Matthew 18:6-7. And don’t you know that fear of GOD is the beginning of knowledge, and that is why: all of you who numerous time worship a prosperity theology preacher, or you worship any human teaching preacher, such as baigent and leigh and dan brown, and other magician such as j.k.rowling and numerous tavistock scholar, and also you worship numerous prosperity theology ritual in asian country such as city harvest or tiberias organization, all of you will be punished severely severely in eternity if you do not repent and receive Me, Jesus Christ, quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly today.

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(a) prosperity theology. quote: they “… promise that if an individual has sufficient faith in God and donates generously, God will reward that generosity by multiplying the offerings a hundredfold." source:
(b) utility. quote: "The basic unit of desirability in much decision theory, game theory, and economics." source: http://www.answers.com/topic/utility

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