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why you should not do with politics

by Jesus Christ

you should know that you should not do evangelism and mix that up with politics, even if you think that you can do evangelism better if you take a position in top government. Don’t you know that a number of prosperity theological preacher exactly doing politics, and they rationalize their action as if they do evangelism better if they take over and tumble the present government in their country. Another people think that My messenger do politics either actually he only carry My message, exactly because other people do with politics in order to ruin the world including America. Do not fall into temptation to join political preacher who try to convince you that their position in top government will be proved to be tremendously significant to the evangelization in the world. Other person in a top government in a big country and that is a country that get its name around five hundred year ago from an inca word for serpent, and that is: ameru, presently do take action to literally speaking destroy economy of that country and they call that evangelization in order to make all people in that country to repent and receive Me, Jesus Christ. Their argument goes as follows: all of people in a country normally will not repent and do their repentance properly unless they find their life in a hardest situation until they become desperate and then they will pray and repent and do their repentance properly, and they will point to a number of Christian people who really really really really really repent and do their repentance properly after they find their life in a hardship situation.
Don’t you know that actually your Father in Heaven punish some people with a number of hardship in order they repent and do their repentance properly, but that is only a temporary period of time. but if you do that at a grandious scale and that is by drying all economy liquidity by taking all mammon from all banking system in your country in order you can destroy all their economy, that is not evangelization at all, that is social darwinism.
Don’t you know that actually only a few person in the world who dare to do that in order to ruin a government trust and respect from their people, and also to ruin a national economy of that big country, even that country give them so many thing including legal system, and that person is zbigniew brzezinski and george soros. And don’t you know that person who is now departed from its university and now plan to make a revenge to all America people, work out a plan with a number of very very very very very cruel people in romania and hungary, in order to tumble a top government and then replace that with another government that is not your present government but not either with a government that is approved by your Father in Heaven. And that cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel person who work together is: george soros, smaranda enache, zbigniew brzezinski, and also all russell sage foundation scholar including jim sidanius from department of psychology at ucla, berkeley, and also james rothenberg and larry ellison, in order to tumble all government in the world and then they will take away all mammon and they will say that they do evangelism in the process of siphoning so much mammon from all people in the world, and they call that as: preparation of My second coming.
Don’t you know that all of them are very very very very very cruel, and do not you know that if you do politics, you end up only worship satan itself, because it is satan who teach all people in the world for doing politics and so many cheap trick in worldly matter that you learn in a book written by machiavelli. And machiavelli is not doing evangelism at all even if he only write that some of his method should be considered properly before implemented into actual practice.
Don’t you know that if you make numerous agreement with a number of people especially a number of influential people of dragon family in order you can dominate and control the world, then you will find that you will worship satan itself, and then you will lose your life, but then what is the purpose of all that you collect if you lose your life, o descendant of the old serpent? Don’t you know that you already fall fall fall fall and fall. Read again and again and again and again and again the book of Gospel of Matthew 4:9-10, and also chapter 17:26-27.
And to all of you who make that kind of conspiracy and you tell a number of fake story that you do that for evangelism, and you plan to ruin a country in south east asia exactly because some of them do evangelization properly, and today you plan again to ruin a university in that country only because a number of people there discover your plan to ruin that country, all of you will be burned forever in eternity.
‘there is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, … they have taken the treasure and precious things; they have made her many widows in the midst thereof. Her priests have violated My law, and have profaned Mine holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane... her princes in the midst thereof are like wolves ravening the prey, to shed blood, and to destroy souls, to get dishonest gain.’ Read again and again and again and again and again The book of Ezekiel 22:25-27
Don’t you know that if you do that you will not even find tomorrow because you will be burned quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly today, and that is My last warning to all of you who make conspiracy with a number of professor in that south east country and that is terry mart in order it become rector and it will expose and expel all Christian student. And that is why: throw away terry mart, george soros, zbigniew brzezinski, yesaya pariadji, smaranda enache, and also throw away jim sidanius, larry ellison and james rothenberg into the fire quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly today, without even interrogating or further debate concerning elementary particle.
Don’t you know that all of those people who join in their dark conspiracy already become vampire and wolf, and they are literally speaking the dragon court family who want to take over a big big big big big country in a continent that is America, and before they can do that they want to destroy first another country in south east asia, and that is Indonesia, exactly because some of them already repent and receive Me, Jesus Christ. And that is why: all of you Christian people who already repent and receive Me, Jesus Christ, do your best to remove all toxic from your society including remove all satanic organization and burn all satanic preacher that always intoxicate your country for numerous decade, and don’t you know that all satanic preacher now combine their force in order to intoxicate you more and destroy your country? And that is why: do not even spend more time to more talk talk talk talk and talk, just do something quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly, and do not worry about anything, just pray and ask for help from your Father in Heaven, in order He teach you how you can move quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly and do that properly and you can remove so many toxic from your society properly without further hesitation and further ambiguity. Don’t you know that if you do not take action properly and quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly today, all that vampire will make your country irrecoverable and then your country will be burned forever, because all of you already turn and change yourself to become vampire. Read again and again and again and again and again the book of Esther 8:11.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Me already help you. love, Jesus Christ

Note: this article is written and dictated by Me, Jesus Christ. Don’t you know that some of you are also already taken by unholy spirit but she do not know the meaning of frightened at all because she know that Me, Jesus Christ. Love, Jesus Christ
[1] Jesus Christ (2010) how social darwinism ruin America and the world. Thesis submitted to asia theological seminary, in the Philippines. The file can be obtained in:

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