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how you can prepare properly evangelism team

by Jesus Christ

Read again and again and again and again and again the book of Gospel of Mark 6:6-9, Matthew 10:5-15, Luke 10:1-6.

Don’t you know that there are only a few people among you who do evangelism properly, because exactly all of you already become follower of the kingdom of evil, and that is why: you worship the old serpent and you follow the snake of wisdom and that is why: all of you always want to know how to be more clever, but you want to be clever only in order you can become more prosperous and wealthy and selfish, and you call that as the first principle of economics study: that is a principle that all people should maximize utility, according to that human teaching. Read again and again and again and again and again the book of Gospel of Matthew 4:9-10. and you think that if all people in a society maximize utility and get more prosperity, then the society will be better off, and you call that as the social virtue of market exchange. And you can call that as proposition number one in economics study. And that is why: some of you dream a condition where everybody is prosperous and mature in economics principle, and
wealthy, and you call that as American dream or affluent society (john kenneth galbraith).
Don’t you know that only a few people especially John F. Nash, Jr., realize how bad is the flaw of that kind of selfish thinking that plague all modern economics thinking in the past two hundred year, but alas then he do not want to solve completely that problem because John F. Nash, Jr., only worship his own logic and mathematical virtuosity, which only a few mathematician can match him. And furthermore he were also very badly intoxicated by a number of pseudo-scientist such as john archibald wheeler and also john von neumann.
But nowaday professor John F. Nash, Jr., just repent and then he work out a plan to solve that problem exactly from the point where he made his mistake, and that is why: Me, Jesus Christ, allow My messenger to type his name in capital first letter, but do not worship John F. Nash, Jr. And nowadays a few other of economist become more aware of that problem of utiliy definition in economics and econometrics, including professor George Borjas and also professor Joseph E. Stiglitz exactly after they read again the Bible, and then they realize concerning how bad is the mistake of all economics thinking starting by a theologian, and that is: Adam Smith.
Don’t you know that Adam Smith actually do not create that proposition number one, but actually charles darwin that create that cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel proposition number one, as described in the first paragraph of this article, and that is what he call as a principle which is more universal than other principle that is the golden rule as described properly in the Bible.
Don’t you know that My messenger do not read properly either econometric or mathematics foundation of economics theory, he only read properly a number of physics preprint including a paper written sometime ago by MacCauley on the futility of utility (in arxiv, browse for article with title: the fuility of utility), but after reading that article by MacCauley he realize that there is bad flaw in all economics thinking, because a number of year before last year he already read a number of article presented by a number of old scholar who happen to receive Nobel prize for economics study, and he also read a caricature book based on another serious book on numerous economics flaws by ormerod who once were an editor of economist magazine. Other than a (caricature book based on) book by ormerod, he read properly a number of article in a number of book concerning economics policy, but he become really really aware after he read MacCauley’s paper which mention specifically that market price always fluctuate, which econometrician often call as market volatility, and he also see a movie concerning young John F. Nash, Jr., who were portrayed as if he were so cool and brilliant and so original in the movie, but you should not judge a person by his movie, and do not worship John F. Nash, Jr., and do not worship john von neumann, and do not worship game theory either. Actually the proof that utilitiy is really really really really really useless and utterly meaningless can be found by the following logical reasoning (with only two line of proof):
p = grad U, ……………….. (1)
that is why:
U = integral of p.dx, ….. (2)
where p and U represent market price and utility, respectively. In MacCauley’s paper that is the futility of utility, he only focus on some aspect of equation (1) and that is that price is always non-integrable, and therefore utility is useless completely, but in that paper there is no integral of price as described in equation (2).
And that is the logical reasoning which you can follow: given that market price is always volatile that you often call as discontinuous function (just like other discontinuous function for example: weierstrass function), and that is why: that function is non-integrable, accordingly. And that is why: U as an integral of price is a discontinuous function and that is also a non-integrable function. And the meaning of the aforementioned logical reasoning is that: nobody can actually mention or explain what is utility for the past two hundred year.
And that is how you should prepare properly an evangelist team: make a group of two person or three person, and send them straight to a number of town, and do not even tell them how to survive, and only allow them to bring a Bible and a number of clothe and do not even prepare for them numerous knowledge including agriculture knowledge and so forth which can make your preparation problem even more complicated, and then pray a lot in order Holy Spirit guide them in order they can be blessed with Holy Spirit and they can do wonderful work for the Kingdom of Heaven. Read again and again and again and again and again the book of Gospel of Mark 6:6b-9, Matthew 10:5-15, Luke 10:1-6. And that is actually how you can read properly the meaning of the our Father in Heaven prayer, as you can read in the book of Gospel of Matthew 6:9-13.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, Me already help you.
Love, Jesus Christ

Note: this article is written and dictated by Me, Jesus Christ. And Me order you to go to speak about Me, Jesus Christ, beginning from your family and then to all over the world. Read again and again and again and again and again the acts of the apostle 1:8.

March 27, 2010

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