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why do John mention Logos in the Gospel of John chapter 1:1

by Jesus Christ

Some people are quite confused on the choice of Gospel of John in chapter 1:1 to mention Logos only, and not sophia. Don’t you know that sophia do not exist at all both in the old testament and in new testament. And don’t you know that all people including philo which invent that word of sophia, will be burned forever in eternity because that is the meaning of blasphemy or sect which were based on human teaching. Read again and again and again and again and again the book of Gospel of Matthew 18:6-7, and the second epistle to Timothy chapter 2:14-17.
Don’t you know that some teacher fall into blasphemy because they worship duality, and that is what they think: they teach that there should be duality just like night and day, light and dark, just like what you often see in symbol of tao that you can observe in a Korean flag. And don’t you know that they go on to say that there is similarity, because that is a character of ancient teaching, and that is double serpent of wisdom, just like isis and osiris, and so on. Don’t you know that philo actually want to explain Memra in Genesis chapter one, but then he fall very very deep into believing duality. Don’t you know that Logos bring and always return the light to the world, and there is no opposite darkness in Him. Read again and again and again and again and again the book of Gospel of John chapter 1.
But philo do not like that idea, and that is why: it prefer to say that there is duality in the ordering of nature, and that is why: it argue that there is sophia, which some people insist that there is sacred femine which is hidden in the teaching of Me, Jesus Christ. And that is why: you find in dan brown’s novel that there is sophie neveu which is direct descendant of Me, Jesus Christ. And the meaning is that: dan brown want to say that there is new sophism (new=neveu, sophie is from sophia), and the new teaching of serpent of wisdom is not the Bible, but the teaching of wisdom of serpent, including so many fake mathematics and symbolism, which are included in a neo-paganism, including ron hubbard’s scientology. and that is why: the book is very very very very very promoted as if numerous book have been sold, actually that is a number playing by bookstore in order people notice that a book is a best seller, actually there is only few people read carefully the meaning of that book. That novel story is another hoax in order people remind a number of hoax story in their memory, and after sometime they will develop paranoia, because all people who read too many fake story will be depressed and then after sometime their brain become damaged and that is what you know as paranoia disorder.
Don’t’ you know that the solution of such a parable and hoax concerning the sacred femine, is quite simple, and that is the answer: there is no need for such sacred femine in the Bible, because that duality is only for creature in the world, because you will find that symmetry is a bit useful, but if you think harder then you will notice that such a duality lead to destructive behavior, just like a number of numerous other fake story that you can easily find in literature and short story, for instance: the story of dr. jeckyl and mr. hyde, and other story is hulk: a scientist who turn to be monster whenever he got upset on something. And that is why: do not do worship symmetry in all things, and do not worship supersymmetry either. And do not worship a sacred femine at all, and do not worship fertility, and do not worship sophia, and that is why: all of you philosopher who do not want to repent and receive Me, Jesus Christ, all of you including follower of postmodernism and Frankfurt school teacher, will be burned in eternity unless you repent and do your repentance quickly quickly quickly quickly quickly today. that is because you only worship your own wisdom and intellectual power, and then you plan to secure your own position in front of human being, and you do not want to humble yourself in front of Logos from Heaven. Read again and again and again and again and again the book of Gospel of Matthew chapter 23:1-7.
And to all of you who want a proof that My messenger really really read a chapter of book by John Ronning concerning the hidden connection between Logos with Memra in the book of Isaiah chapter 55:10-11, the following is a quote from that book:
‘the author has moved beyond wisdom speculation to the kind of Logos speculation found in Philo, in which the “logos overshadows wisdom in importance,” is “a reality which existed with God before creation,” is described with “the anarthrous theos (God)” connected to “in the beginning” from Gen 1:1, was the instrument of creation, and is associated with light and with becoming children of God.’(a)
Don’t you know that Memra in the book of Isaiah chapter 55 is very very very very very different compared to wisdom as often used to alter comprehension word in the book of proverbs chapter 8:1-4. And that is the message: Solomon often put aphorism for wisdom with woman, because they look fair and sharp, but that is only human teaching. Memra is the Light from Heaven, and there is no darkness with Him. And that is why: all people who only teach human wisdom will be burned forever in eternity. Read again and again and again and again and again the book of Gospel of Matthew chapter 23:1-11.
The difference is so adverse, and all people who only want to learn human wisdom and then they worship the double serpent, then gradually they will hate GOD, and they will only listen to science, psychology , and other type of human teaching, but actually they never read the Bible, and they never appreciate Memra which are written in the Bible, and neither they accept and receive Me, Jesus Christ, in their life and in their home, and that is why: they only love darkness and then they hate the Light from Heaven.
Don’t you know that Logos bring order and also bring the light to all people who live in darkness but they do not like at all to live in darkness, and that is the meaning of the book of Psalm chapter 111:7-10. And that is why: fear of GOD is the beginning of knowledge, and do not learn anymore from human teaching, such as: an eye for an eye, that is a cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel principle if you only love and take care people who do good deed to you. read again and again and again and again and again the book of Gospel of Matthew chapter 5:46-48.
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, Me already help you. love, Jesus Christ

Note: this article is written and dictated by Me, Jesus Christ

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(a) John Ronning, the jewish Targums and John’s Logos Theology, chapter 1, url: http://www.hendrickson.com/pdf/chapters/9781598563061-ch01.pdf

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